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I have had kind of bad acne to fairly bad acne for over 25 years. I still have pimples just about everyday, but don’t even bother about it anymore since my is so much better that it used to be. Anyway, about makeup, for my skin, most makeup did not seem to make my acne worse. I think over the past 25+ years, only 2 products caused pimples. The pimples were numerous and small and sometimes itchy – so maybe not acne but a rash? Anyway, those products were foundations – one a pressed powder and another, a liquid foundation though most of the liquid foundations I’ve tried did not cause any irritation, etc… I have also tried many concealers and none caused irritations or more pimples or the pimples to become bigger….

I spent countless hours researching remedies and money trying different topicals for my acne and nothing improved it. I also steamed and used masks – I really don’t think they made a difference for me. For me, acne is really just a very perplexing hormonal thing but for others I’ve heard topical things help. Acne that just seems to happen for no good reason is bad enough, but the things you do to make it go away can make it worse and your health worse. I made things worse when I went on antibiotics for my acne. From the sounds of it, your daughter has just one pimple and I doubt you’d go to a derm for an occasional pimple, but if you do down the road, I would recommend not taking antibiotics. For me they stopped working for the acne and when I did stop taking the antibiotics, the acne was much worse, plus I have many other health problems I associate with taking them. I was in my 20s when I started on the antibiotics and had already been struggling with acne for about 10 years so it wasn’t the first thing I tried. Maybe derms don’t prescribe them anymore, but just in case… Since rosacea has come up in this discussion, I do have that too, though I don’t think that really started until my 30’s. I have always flushed really easily so I think even without the acne treatments I’ve tried, I was predisposed to it, but I do think that all the harsher treatments may have made it worse (I tried prescription Retin As that really made my skin red and irritated plus BP which also made my skin red and I think I really over did it with the steaming and masks)? Maybe pufas did too, or all the exercising I used to do? It is hard say.

One thing I have read about hormonal acne is that it is the changes in hormones that cause acne the most, not the hormones themselves. For some reason, fluctuating hormone levels in some women is the root cause of their acne though I don’t think it is understood why.

Acne really messed with my self esteem and how social I was (as if those 2 weren’t already bad with me). So it is really awesome of you to care about your daughter’s skin and even if she has skin problems, that will make a big difference to her – my parents never supported me in anyway so I know how that can just make bad things even worse.