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Steven e

Thanks for your interest Leighton. I have one missing molar from a root canal extraction last year, and no wisdom teeth. I wasn’t planning on replacing anything. My teeth are fairly straight and nice looking. No previous treatment with orthodontics. My mother was in the 99th percentile of health consciousness when I was growing up in the 70’s I ate multivitamins everyday, brewers yeast (yeauk) mostly whole foods, plenty of food available all the time. I did still have some cavities, but old pictures indicate pretty good development. In high school, I had adequate food less of the time and was vegetarian and/or vegan from I think 16 to 19 or so. After that, still not eating so well for much of my 20s. Started mouth breathing in my teens.

My tongue feels crowded from the sides. Seems like there is plenty of room in front. I would say slight overbite, but I don’t really know how these things are judged. I think the last dentist to comment said my bite was not too bad. I don’t feel particularly comfortable with my jaw closed. It takes effort and doesn’t feel natural as some people who have had palate expansion claim that they feel afterward, like the mouth wants to, and is more comfortable, being closed. Same with the bite. It doesn’t feel comfortable. If my tongue has its way, like when I’m not paying attention for a while, I find it hanging down, often resting between my teeth at both the front and sides. Even a small amount of mucous, or sinus irritation, dryness, etc… makes it hard to maintain nose breathing, and even at it’s best, it’s not super comfortable for me. My nostrils also feel crowded and partially closed or collapsed. All that said, I still manage to nose breath the vast majority of the time, but it’s not just by habit, I still have to work at it.

No TMJ. The last dentist I saw, who actually does ALF but who I won’t be using, pointed out that my jaw doesn’t open evenly when I open wide. It used to lock open sometimes when I yawned, but hasn’t for a very long time. Now, if I open really wide, I have to sort of click it to the side to close again and the right side pops a little.

I’ve had neck and head tension issues, lower back issues (sometimes severe), upper back pinches and kinks of all kinds pretty frequently since my teens. Just getting over an upper back spasm related to left shoulder pain that seemed to evolve out of nowhere. I did jump off a 4 foot stage and land flat on my back once when I was maybe 16, which definitely screwed up the whole lot for a while (stage diving, make sure someone is there to catch you!) Xrays later in life have indicated no structural damage. I have slight scoliosis according to a chiropractor.