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I didn’t go into treatment for any bite issues/discomfort. I never had to deal with an overbite, underbite or cross bite. Both my mouth and lips have always closed w/o strain. My tongue rests easily and comfortably in my mouth. I always easily breath through my nose (except when I’m having sex or doing brutal high intensity interval work). I sleep with my mouth shut, and don’t snore.

I strictly went into this for mad bad jaw issues. I had a really strong sensation of pressure in my joints, which is now 100% remedied. My jaw went from clicking on both the left and right side every single time I opened my mouth to not making a single noise for 7 years after treatment. The last 3 years my jaw has been clicking, very mildly, on the left.

I also used to have really bad pain/tightness/pressure/burning in the right temple area and also where the masseter comes up to the coronoid process (mid way cheekbone, on the underside). This is probably like 90% better. (These pain issues were only on the right side.)

I had neck problems before, and I still have neck problems now. Nothing better, nothing worse.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions.