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As someone who has always had great teeth until I discovered sugar a year an a half ago at 32, I am almost at the point of giving up sugar just because my teeth have become such a mess. I currently use tooth powder and it cleans well, but it is certainly not improving tooth pain or cavities. The thing that I have found that works the best for cleaning is bar soap. It tastes terrible, but I have examples of two old people that died with a full mouth of teeth who used it. Gerard Judd is the one that is probably being referred to in previous posts. I believe that he died several years ago and claimed to have perfect teeth. He self-published a book called Perfect Teeth From Birth to Death and advocated bar soap and derided glycerin and acids. My brother-in-laws grandfather died in his mid-80s with perfect teeth and he used bar soap his entire life. Apparently the funeral director said that he was the old person that age that he had ever seen with perfect teeth.

I believe that everyone here is against consuming fluorine compounds in any amounts, but the debate is to whether topical fluoride is ok. Going back to Judd, who had a Ph.D in chemistry, he said that topical fluorine will attract calcium due to its chemical instability, but that it will cause a lower quality of bone. I remember another anti-fluoride activist, maybe Paul Connett or Hal Huggens, who said that it decreases the rate of cavities slightly, but the rate of tooth breakage increases.

I should also add that Dr. Judd said that sugar had little to no effect on cavities. Maybe I should try his protocol more strictly:

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