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@tennosea – I happened to read my email just minutes after you posted this, and I saw the email with your message. I was so happy to read this. I want to reply by saying YOU GO! That is so wonderful to hear. What an amazing shift. And yes, it just keeps getting easier.

You mentioned the “evil shadow lurking.” At the risk of sounding pedantic, I’ll point out that the thing about shadows is that they disappear in the light. They have no substance themselves. Evil or not, I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to fear any shadow.

You also mentioned fearing that eventually you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions (specifically that you’ll see results reflected back to you in the mirror and by the scale (which, by the way, you might just happen to see as positive.)) Well, it occurs to me that you already are being forced to confront the consequences of these new behaviors – consequences such as being able to enjoy your life and experience life without so much neurosis and rolling with the punches. Keep doing what you’re doing and sooner rather than later you’ll give up on waiting for the other shoe to drop because you’ll realize that whatever happens, life is better now. You have a new-found peace and resilience. And your life is filled with goodness and meaning. You have people in your life who love you and are so happy to know you – and you’ll be able and willing to truly receive that love and adoration because it will feel really good. It gets that good. Really. You’re already experiencing some of this. It gets better.

Thank you so much for continuing to share your story with us. I love hearing how things are going for you. So keep it coming. And I know that your courage is offering inspiration to someone who needs it – maybe someone else reading this who is struggling. I really believe that the more we are willing to love ourselves, the more we touch upon others and open their hearts to self-love and self-acceptance.