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Spears, I’m sorry that after reading my reply you went to try on your skinny jeans. I hope it wasn’t triggering! I’m really happy that you talked yourself down from the ledge and that you’re getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit! I did the same and am focusing on looking attractive too. I’ve been living at the beach for the past 2 weeks and have been thinking that I look pretty attractive recently. I think it’s the sun and how good I feel after a nice shower. My sisters have also given me some of their clothes and that helps. I also bought some bigger clothes. There are also no full length mirrors here so that’s a plus. I’m hoping I can continue this on once I’m home. My husband is so supportive and tells me I’m so beautiful and I know that he loves me and every pound I’ve gained.

I think finding women with strong curvy bodies is awesome. And I love what you wrote- “taking up less space does not make someone more attractive ? it’s not the amount of space you take up, it’s the quality of the stuff you fill the space with” I totally believe that too! Have you looked at Did I already mention that website? I apologize if I did.

Anyway, good luck to you!