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@Caz when i ‘fell off my wagon’ and started refeeding,it felt great mostly mentally,but like you i began experiencing severe edema after a while to the point where i couldnt open my eyes anymore and i had bloody and burning shins bc of all the waterpressure in my legs,where skin spontaneously cracked open!
So,i dont want to diss the 180approach at all nor YE but for me it doesnt work like that.

I think my edema and other issues were bc of major bloodsugar rollercoasters bc im probably wired to be prone to diabetes.
Lots of my symptoms improved when i took out all starches,especially all grains unfortunately:(

And the grains probably made me hypothyroid again and causing mineral deficiencies,despite the fact that i was eating thousands of calories. Even the ‘safer grains’ like white rice and corn. Apparently they have some kind of quality that can bind minerals to them.
From what it seemed,it was also a huge burden on the liver detoxing capabillity as i started to experience several livertoxicity issues,jaundice from butter etc.

So,its my personal belief that when you start having severe problems after initial phase its NOT a positive sign of metabolism healing and that you just need to push through it,bc i sometimes get the feeling its a bit becoming dogmatic among some people here that you should not restrict certain foods and that everything is just a sign of metabolism healing.
Unfortunately,ive found it isnt always ‘that simple’….

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