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@caz – yes am sorry for hijacking your post but was hoping for advice that would help you too :-)

– can’t thank you enough for that link :-) That does explain everything and is enough to stop me freaking out. Thinking about it I did start piling the weight on immediately but I just assumed that was all fat and only thought about it being water retention when my ankles disappeared a couple of months ago! I suppose it could have been less noticeable edema from the start maybe? Anyway, I will try to increase my calories. The trouble is that my appetite still doesn’t match that amount of calories. It’s better than it was as when I first started refeeding I had no appetite and had to force it all down. I’ll try your suggestions of adding sugar and maybe cream to everything! I reaslise everyone is different but do we have any idea how long this stage may last? I’ve stopped putting on weight now (thank god!) so that’s something. Oh, and I am 40. This year! And unfortunately rather than life beginnning at 40 my life went down the toilet! Lol! At least there is light at the end of the tunnel now :-) Yes, your assumption was correct, I am female. Thank you so much for sharing. I am off for a massage :-) I will keep you all updated with my progress. xx