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Hmmm….this article seems to suggest that if we exercise before breakfast we could lose or at least gain less weight than if we exercise after eating something, which is assumed to be a good thing, because weight is obviously the ultimate marker of health and well-being. It even says you might have crappy performance if you don’t eat before your exercise, but seems to suggest that that’s fine because hey, you’re losing/not gaining weight! It seems to me the premise is flawed-especially for those of us in ED land. My goal is ultimately to get back to exercising because it feels good. I love running, and I know for a fact that if I run without having eaten it feels like crap. So that seems pretty adversarial to the lifestyle I hope to lead. I want my runs to be strong and powerful and fun, not slow, slogging-along death-grips aimed at controlling my weight so I can have an extra serving of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. So I think I’ll continue eating to fuel my workouts rather than working out to justify my eating.