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mighty m

@Ashley, I love your posts for the little bits about farm life they contain!

I also grew up on a farm, and farm people openly disdained trying to be skinny as late as the 1980s (unless you naturally were, as my grandpa was), which is to their credit. Being sturdy and muscular — even with some fat — meant you could handle hard work, in their eyes.

However, the outside influences *everywhere else* saying the opposite got me down big-time as a kid and teenager.

re He-Man, that was the cartoon on after school for years for me. One time, this boy in class wrote a hilarious parody of it. 3rd or 4th grade. I don’t remember much, except it had a character called “Dorko, the flying wizard.” I thought that was so brilliant I almost fell out of my chair laughing and had a crush on that guy all the way thru high school.