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Update – As predicted by Rob and Matt Stone’s ideas, my craving for butter has run its course. I don’t have any desire to eat it in excess any longer. Whatever my body needed in the butter it got enough of.

I still eat more butter than average but I’m not eating as much as before. One kerrygold is lasting me a few days now.

I mix cut up hotdogs with almonds and pumpkin seeds. I drizzle melted butter on to of this and eat it out of a bowl with a spoon. It is great. This also improves the satiety of the snack.

I melt goat cheese into my pasta but I also melt butter into my pasta to help with satiety.

I was melting butter into my oatmeal but I discovered that Ghee tastes fantastic in oatmeal so I’ve been using that instead. I count Ghee as butter anyway.

When I go out at night and I want to avoid getting hungry for 3 or 4 hours I will drink a pint of light cream. This is about 1000 calories and can usually hold back my appetite for 4 hours or so.