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I’d love to hear more about your journey too, The Real Amy. It’s been hard for me to have gained weight but I’m determined to see this through so I can complete my recovery and I know that my body will find a happy place. When I first recovered from bulimia (11 years ago) I found my body’s set point then and happily maintained within a 5 lb range without doing much and not restricting. Then I had my daughter and tried to loose the baby weight, lost a huge amount and then started this whole nightmare. Anyways, I’m looking forward to getting back to that place I was although it seems harder this time at 31 as opposed to 19. Funny thing is when I recovering then I let myself eat whatever I want which was a lot of candy, soda and maybe some rice a roni.

David, I agree with you about that it’s good that we are no longer able to restrict! I have been feeling very “fat” recently and that old urge to restrict has come up but I could never go back to that. I can see where it would end and so I just forget it and enjoy my pizza.

OmNomNom, I understand what you mean about youreatopia being a little excessive and incomplete and that’s why I began to eat for heat. However, I do think there is something to eating 2500 calories (or at least something around there). I stopped dieting a few months before I began eating more and it didn’t bring back my period. I cut back exercising to 2 days a week and my period still didn’t return. This was in addition to acupuncture 2-3 times a week, chinese herbs, sleeping 8+ hours, meditation, mindfulness daily, black out blinds, etc… So I really do think that our bodies need a lot of calories and rest to heal, especially when it’s so severe that we don’t get our periods. I was not underweight to start so I didn’t feel I needed to be as sedentary as possible but I did limit my walking until I got my period back. Seriously I wouldn’t take my dog for our usual walk for the first few weeks. I calculated my calories in the beginning and focused on getting enough healthy fat but now I’m over 2 months in and I don’t count my calories and just eat whatever (with eating for heat principles in mind). Sometimes I’ll add it up and am surprised that it’s a bit lower (1700) but I realize that on those days I don’t feel as good. I don’t want to compromise my recovery because I want to keep getting my period and eventually be pregnant. So I try to ensure that I have 3 solid meals and snacks. That ensures that I’m at least around 2,000 and more closer to 2,500. Sometimes I’m sure I eat more and a few times I’ve added it up and was 3,200. It really is all worth it and think of how awesome life will be in a year or few years once we’re at our bodies set points and never have to think about calories or what we’re eating or not eating and can just enjoy life and all the food it has to offer. And we are just the same size and all of our clothes fit day in and day out. I understand completely about 15 lbs feeling uncomfortable and I wish I could say I didn’t gain anything but I did. More than 15 I imagine but I have no idea since I threw out my scale. It was the best thing ever and I never want to weigh myself again! Anyway, sorry for the super long post. Good luck!