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I don’t think what you had was psoriasis. It really does sound like it was more of a fungal infection. Psoriasis usually builds up into flaky patches that shed off. Your fungal infection may have indeed been caused by Candida albicans or any one of a number of other fungal organisms. Usually fungal stuff is associated with more intense itching and burning. The funny thing is my psoriasis used to never really itch very much until after the whole anti-candida protocol. Now sometimes when I eat too much sugar it drives me crazy with the itching. Now that I have re-acclimated myself a little bit it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I can eat way more sugar than I know is good for me and it won’t bother me other times I’ll have sugars that I think are better for me like fruit and it will itch like crazy. Chocolate cake, no problem, bowl of cherries and a slice of watermelon, look out!