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The Real Amy

David, I have a feeling that happens a lot here.

Saisrice, it’s pretty much the opposite of what happened with you. Your body was in starvation mode and you were trying exercise, therapy, meditation, etc. but nothing was working until you just ate the food. Someone who is working night shifts and not sleeping well can do all the overeating they want but it likely won’t heal their metabolism; getting a new day job and changing their schedule likely would. Or someone living a high stress, junk food-filled lifestyle with no time for exercise would experience huge benefits from meditation, exercise and healthier food. Similarly, someone who suffered abuse as a child and has that chronic stress weighing on them every day will probably need to go through therapy and work through it before seeing real health benefits. Overfeeding would likely do more harm than good in each of these scenarios.

It’s all about figuring out what your specific root problem is, which, of course, is not always obvious or easy, especially since we so often prefer (quite often subconsciously) to avoid the root problem.