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Back before I knew better, I’d try eating as little fat as possible in an attempt to lose weight (I’ve always been “too big” even at 5 foot 7 and 145, why???). I would always be STARVING. And not just hungry all the time but a really uncomfortable, hollow-feeling type of hungry. I started adding more fat to my diet about a year ago and I noticed that I felt a lot better… now since Eating The Food I’m eating a LOT more and I just continue to feel better and better physically.

It is true, I can be very satiated on a meal of sushi – very little fat in that although I tend to choose fattier fish. This also makes me wonder how much our heritage plays in the amount of macronutrients we do the best with. My family comes from about 100 miles south of the Arctic circle so I wonder if it’s just in my genetics to feel better in general on a higher fat diet.

When I said I felt it was harmful, should have clarified that – diets cannot be one size fits all and going on a low fat diet is what started the 30 year crash in my metabolism. :(