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Matt Stone

Yes, that was a mistype, they were merely estimates (but obviously didnt add up) so I thought about it again, and found that what I am getting is more like 65% Carb/ 15-20% Fat/ 15-20% Protein. (Protein is the one thing that I have never, ever counted, so I just assume the rest would amount to protein intake).

I am not losing weight, but not seeming to gain either. But, I dont think it would be such a bad thing if I gained a few pounds anyway! Haha :P

It’s nice to know there are others who eat such high carb and are staying lean, I always feel like the odd ball out for eating so much compared to everyone else! It just goes to show that the diet/fitness talk, is just nonsense and all that low-carb and “limiting” carbs….for what? To gain weight back when they reintroduce carbs? I would rather eat EXTREMELY high carb and low-moderate fat and stay lean :)