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Ha, ha. Not quite a whole week… :P

I really have difficulties with impatience. When I get a surge of energy, I usually spend it right away because I want to feel normal and pretend that I’m not fighting chronic illness. I rarely talk about my health struggles with anyone–friends or family–and I don’t even like admitting them to myself. Because of this, when I do feel good, I often end up pushing my limits and crashing.

Still, despite my overzealousness, I feel like I’m enjoying better health overall. Mainly, I’m just sore as hell from overexercise, and I still feel really run down in the mornings. I can never accomplish anything in the morning. If that changes, I’ll know I’ve recovered.

This Saturday I ran another 5k, and although I was in high spirits and felt good, I had to walk part of it because of a minor injury I recently picked up. That was a big disappointment, and it forced me to acknowledge that even when I do get a surge in energy, my body’s still not ready for that much hard exercise. I understand it’s just going to take time.

I’d love to hear your results after you experiment with cutting back on fat–and like you, I’m interested in both good and bad results. I really hope it’s possible to benefit from re-feeding without the rapid weight gain that seems such a common result.

Another modification I’m thinking about is to cut back a little on protein, because I think I’ve been overdoing it with the meat. I want to eat enough protein to build muscle–since I’ve been lifting weights–but I think excess protein is slowing down my digestion and making me feel a bit bloated. So my meals are becoming even more carb-centric–loaded with cheap, easy, and delicious starches and sugars. I’ve stocked up on bread, potatoes, and noodles, and I have a pile of almost twenty bananas in my kitchen. This is definitely the most enjoyable diet I’ve ever tried!