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It is hard. I was really tired for about a month. Then it was up and down and the bad just gets shorter and farther in between generally. I didn’t hurt that long though, only about a week but it was quite bad. Well, I can still feel a bit of soreness in my hips brought on during 1,200 calorie ketosis. I started eating the food back in March.

Ah just reread and saw the sleep thing. It will take longer with poor sleep. For me, it was like I’d been knocked down to the floor and I was straining to get up. Then if something messed with my sleep it was like some one came by and kicked me back down. Went through a stressful time- one of my diary goats had milk fever and it was both emotional and physically tough because of her care and getting up at night to give shots (I do NOT do well with getting up in the night- not a good attribute when you have a diary herd…) and she’s the only original goat I have left of those my late grandpa bought me. Anyway, that one knocked me down good and then I had to pick up a buckling from the airport in Little rock at night, got home at 2 am and yea it was like a three week set back with all that. But I e always been really sensitive to sleep, I don’t know if that applies as heavily to everyone.

I napped every day I could for probably 1.5 months. I would wake up tired, drag through chores dreaming of bed and go back to bed when I got done. When I got my energy it was like the clouds parted and the sun shined. But! I found I had to be careful what I did or I would be worse the next day. I slowly felt out what I could (and I was so bummed when I overdid it and was back to napping the next day) do and it gradually became more and more until now I can do just about anything and I’m fine.

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