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Hi Sal,

Still enjoying it! I’m taking a couple of days off right now after a long run on Saturday (well, long for me anyway…). It was the first 10k course I’ve run in MANY years, and it was a big jump from the 3-4 mile runs I’ve been doing. Full disclosure: I walked a bit in the middle, so I’m not quite there yet. :(

On Thursday, my wife wants us to start a 5k training plan. It’s a mix of easy runs, fast intervals, hills, and long runs. We’re entering a 5k “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving, and we’re hoping for a couple of PBs (personal bests).

Unfortunately, my progress in the gym is slowing down, so I might need to bump my calories up a bit to keep gaining strength. It’s definitely not easy pursuing strength, speed, and stamina goals, while also trying to lose weight.

Are you also a runner?