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Caz, I’ll look into it again. Was worried it was messing with iron. I know it’s important for mood and concentration which is a big one for teenagers. With all the vitamin/mineral confusion I mainly give my family the ones that they get deficiency symptoms if I don’t, and zinc is one of those, so maybe I need to stick to the plan here. Thanks for the reminder!
Jdubs, that’s exactly what did it for me. And old photos show I had a seriously messed up self image because I actually looked great. In a way, our daughters are lucky to have a generation before them that got messed up in terms of health and weight and are hopefully able to help them out a bit. Plus some sign of better social attitudes to weight, thanks to some of the more real stars ,and the ‘serious booty’ fashion taking over from the wasted-vegan-look predecessor! Long way to go though, till we stop thinking a glowing gorgeous girl with some womanly curves is fat because she’s not a strung out looking coat hanger with old lady skin. My daughter does really know this, but unsurprisingly, she’s also not immune, and we do not live on an island, but then, not even islanders do anymore!