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The diabetes thing,is something I’m wondering about lately too.
This is what I posted in another thread about sugar vs. starch:

“What i do find interesting,is that lyme therapist years ago said i was on the verge of diabetes. I never thougth much if it,assumed it was bc of the lyme.
So,today i accidentally stumbled upon a research about diabetes where they stated that type2 (overweigth) diabetes patients who lowered their insulin resistance on a dairy&fruit diet without grains&potatoes. And they decreased osteoporosis.
This really makes sense,bc through half of the pregnancy my mom lived off milk&tangerines bc it was the only thing that wouldnt make her throw up. Till about age 4/5 i ate meshed banana,fruitcompotes,loved drinking milk&dark chocolate milk,cheese?.always had steady energy&moods. After that the croissants&bread from our bakery started to make the introduction and i wonder if that migthve started the slow but steady downward spiral?.

Bc after i started to gravitate towards simple sugars,no starch at all and dairy i notice some differences especially in sleep. I have virtually no problem anymore falling and staying asleep or needing to get up to pee.I also seem to pee less during the day. And no matter what time i go to bed,i always sleep for 7-8hours steady uninterrupted.”