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Update: I ate bread. Yummy, crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside, yeasty delicious gluten-filled bread. And, nothing happened. Maybe a little bit of gas, but nothing else. No gut swelling, no diarrhea, no nothing. :-) Now, I want *real* pizza, CINNABON!!!!, *real* chocolate chip cookies and brownies, a cheeseburger WITH the bun… Trying not to go at it too fast too soon!

I could “I wonder” myself to death, but thinking back over the years, I wonder if some of the health problems I’ve had over the last few years I could have avoided if I’d never been told I was gluten intolerant. Who knows, I guess? I feel really GOOD these days (though, a bit “fluffy”), so I should probably just focus on the here an now!