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Yeah — you’re absolutely right. I did that for the longest time, and I just got sick of it. My life was not like this before 16, and I wanna just eat what I want! But holing myself up in my apartment trying to cook up the perfect combination of foods in order to heal my tract is no better and has proved futile. I think once I gained the weight, I got into a frame of mind that I wanted to lose it first and heal first before I went back into the real world. What a self-loathing/self-important load of bull that idea was.

As of this morning I’m not eating any meals at home for a week. Just to push myself out of this rut. I have a feeling that the less I think about food, the more my digestive issues will go away. Gut-brain connection aside, I can’t be afraid of having bad stools all the time — I mean, they’re not cancer/chron’s/ulcerative colitis bad.

And I’m sure those supplements, which I’ve used in the past, can only help again. Thanks