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Hi Cindy 01. For what it’s worth I think you should just carry on with what you’re doing, you’ve come this far…..

If anything, eat richer, it seems to have worked well for me. I make a cheesecake that you don’t need to cook, plus I know it’s all real food, no humectants or other weird stuff. So maybe that counts as clean, just super-rich. Having a bit first thing, then at any point when I start feeling cold (don’t need much of it) and my temps have started to rise significantly.

Also, check your fluid, perhaps you can reduce? As I have posted elsewhere I love water and am fortunate to have mountain spring water on tap, but in an effort to up my temps I don’t drink it any any more, just been having milk, “soda” (!) or red wine for about a week and haven’t felt bad at all. I count juicy fruit like plums or blackberries as a drink and don’t tend to drink alongside these things.

SOmething I have learnt from Matt which I have put into practice is about food avoidances. Make sure you are avoiding the gluten for the right reasons. Matt doesn’t advocate excluding foods unless you really have trouble with them, and bear in mind there’s gluten in wheat, rye, oats and as an additive to lots of processed foods. Cutting gluten limits your options in a big way. Perhaps your acne flare up will be only temporary? Perhaps it will subside when your body does its repair work?

It’s up to you whether you want to reintroduce gluten, but if it’s only a bit of acne and not life-threatening it might be worth experimenting with- hopefully you’ll learn to tolerate it again. For me, I need to keep topped up with starchy food so i make a huge pasta at night then eat it as soon as I feel like things are cooling off. If you don’t want to do gluten, maybe you should do this with a big pan of rice, or better still fried rice :)

I hope you feel better soon,
love, crinkly