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Oh yes, it’s so hard to find a balance! I sometimes want to binge on liquids too but not as much as I did when I had just started recovery (been doing this for a year now but somehow always end up undereating which is probably keeping me from making any physical progress other than weight gain). One thing that’s helped me with not drinking too much is using a straw and taking sips whenever I’m craving it, before I get thirsty. I mostly drink soda, orange juice is my favorite but I feel like it’s too cooling for me.

I don’t know GeeMa, something feels a bit off. I had a UTI two weeks ago, well the doctor wasn’t sure what it was but (TMI) I had blood in my pee and was feverish so he gave me antibiotics. I wonder if it was caused by not drinking enough? I’d never had it before. But honestly I’d rather drink too little than too much, the muscle spasms, palpitations and anxiety are so bad when I overhydrate. But yeah I used to drink a lot and pee so much! Maybe my body just needs time to adjust to everything.

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