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Steven e

My usual breakfast lately is German butterball potatoes (maybe the best variety ever) cut in about 3/4 inch cubes and fried in butter or coconut oil (refined). I put a lid on most of the time and they turn out awesome. well cooked with a light browning. Next to this goes an omlette. Now that tomatoes are coming on, it’s usually based on cheese and tomatoes, with optional avocado or maybe a little chicken or something if I’ve got it. Also some shiso, which I’ve just started growing and using this year, and mushroom salt made with ground toasted black trumpets and redmond salt. Often with a soda or juice

I completely spaced the whole concept of lunch until after 5:00 I guess I wasn’t hungry and my temps were jacked up pretty high all day. I know I ate a melon in there somewhere and probably some rice cakes with walnut butter (lightly toasted walnuts food processored with enough coconut oil to make it work.) and honey. That’s been one of my go-to snacks. A few of those pack quite a lot of calories and it’s quick and pretty tasty. There was some juice and soda during meals and during the day.

Last night’s dinner was pasta cooked in salted water. When the pasta is half done, I usually toss in some vegetables cut in pretty small sticks. Last night it was green beans and summer squash with a few dried black trumpets. On top of all that, some raw fresh tomato, lots of olive oil, black pepper and parmesagne (or however you spell it) easy, tasty, low mess. Also, some awesome free wine, from open bottles, shared by a wine dealer. A little too much maybe.

In the middle of the night to get back to sleep, a couple rice cakes, soda and some whole milk.

It wasn’t a very high calorie day, but high temps throughout. I don’t think I remember even anything as low as 98.6 and hit 99.4 at one point. Woke up at 98 this morning!