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Thanks guys. I am eating when I need to and when I want. I just noticed that there will be days I eat more high calories foods (like the past 2 days since I’ve had these really delicious cookies) and days when I don’t eat as much other days. I think I notice a difference though and I don’t feel as good when I don’t eat enough. I think Matt is right when he said to make sure you have 3 solid meals. I noticed that sometimes I’ll have snacks to raise my temperature but then I don’t feel as good as I when I take the time to sit down for 3 meals at least.

I’d really liked to take a relaxed view to nutrition and eating but it’s a struggle with me since I restricted for so long and focused on eating for fat loss and being thin for most of my life. Now I just want to keep my body healthy, keep getting my period, and be pregnant soon. It’s a challenge for me because sometimes the voices of wanting to be thin creep in and I think it might not be so bad to eat less, maybe I’d even loose some weight…BUT I don’t want to lower my metabolism or jeopardize my health and I know that just eating less isn’t the way to go.