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Bauer, you may not want to hear it from me because obviously, I haven’t gotten to that place yet so I can’t promise you that if you do what I say it will regulate. Or if I did make that promise, I wouldn’t be able to back it up with experience. But I suspect that your continued exercise means it will not regulate. You are confusing your body’s signals with the exercise, not to mention the fact that if I remember your stats correctly, you are still at the very low end of a healthy BMI range (not that BMI means ANYTHING but just to illustrate my point) so it is likely that your body is still not satisfied. And even if you did completely respond to all hunger (mental, physical, whatever you want to call it; hunger is hunger), if you continue the exercise while doing so I think your body will remain confused.

What about taking the leap to no exercise and fully responding to hunger of all types? What about fully trusting your body? If you give it what it needs to regulate, it will regulate. (and what it needs is rest and food.)