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Thank you for your reply and I’m sorry it took me 2 months to reply back. I suck.

I always think I’m getting enough salt, but I never know. Plus, I hate reading all of the internet information about edema saying to take in LESS sodium. I ignore it, but without seeing any change, it’s hard to not let that info linger in my brain.

Sleeping sucks due to a back injury and the edema got worse after this back injury, so I’m wondering if it’s correlated.

I’ve been trying to take this supplement mixed with OJ everyday mainly due to severely muscle spasms in my legs.

The edema is getting pretty bad in my abdomen. I’m pretty fat and it’s making it a lot worse. I’m guessing the edema is adding anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs extra weight on me.

I bought a professional wrap, but have not seen too much of a difference..I should be more consistent with it. It is much better than the ACE bandages I was using.

Thanks again, Cody!