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Hannah Ransom

That’s tought since you are recovering right now. You definitely won’t want to restrict yourself or put yourself in any kind of restrictive mindset, but it may eventually takle a shift in order to correct hormonal imbalance. I would definitely work on blood sugar balance, which you could probably try to do without restrcting at all, but just make sure that you always eat regularly and get carbs protein and fat at all of your meals, ideally.

In terms of re-feeding I can’t really give you advice, though, since I am not the expert in that arena. I would definitely make sure that feeling like crap isn’t coming from an emotional state in terms of not wanting to look the way you look or anything like that. If it isn’t, then I would asses what you can do to get you where you want to be and whether you are on that path right now. But I’m not really sure of the time frame that is recommended and when you should start feeling better or have reset your metabolism or anything.