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@OrganicMuscle- thanks for the reply.

The protein is mainly because I don’t generally tend toward much dietary protein. Left to my own devices, I’d get less than the ~1g/lb that I’m aiming for. I do love greek yogurt, though, and usually get in a cup or more a day. Primary dietary protein comes from low-fat/skim milk, yogurt, eggs, beans and beef burgers 2-3x/week. And then whatever ancillary protein from pasta, bread, rice, oatmeal, etc. Then rice protein, mixed whey/casein/egg protein, and powdered gelatin.

I’ve heard contrasting accounts on creatine cycling. Why do you advise ten weeks on/ten weeks off?

I’ve heard pre-workout caffeine can be valuable. Recommendations? Capsules? Coffee? Tea? Cola?

The goal for the past few months was bulking, and a hypercaloric diet with higher volume training was effective. I put on about 20lbs, from 165 to 185lbs, but more fat than I’d like, both for vanity reasons and performance. I play basketball 10-15hours per week, and I’m slower and less nimble than I’d like at this point.

[EDIT: The motivation for bulking was a little bit of vanity, but more for increased strength and post presence in basketball. I’m just under 6′, but on the taller side for the people I play with, and when guarding bigger guys,I got knocked around easily and couldn’t hold my own. I wanted to size up some, but it’s come at the expense of quickness and agility.]

My energy levels have been up, and I’m starting to incorporate some sprinting/high intensity drills into my routine for increased power and explosive capacity, and ideally to help lean out some.

In terms of workout plan, I’m currently finishing the last couple weeks of a 10 week HST (hypertrophy specific training) cycle. As mentioned, I just started incorporating sprints on a casual basis, though I’m looking for a good routine that I can get into for my next 10-12 week resistance training cycle that will also incorporate performance drills. My energy is high now, and my goal is to facilitate that while staying active and not overtraining. I also play basketball in an un-regimented way 10-15 hours/week.

Any feedback based on all that is welcome.