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@ saisrice, thank you for the reply. Yeah anxiety attacks suck big time, so glad to hear yours have subsided substantially. I hope I don’t gain all the weight back, that was also suck big time, but in a much different way compared to panic attacks. I find tapping helps, so I’ll keep doing it.

@ sue, I appreciate your honesty. I’m not sure if you mean you gained all your hundred pounds or if you mean you gained all your weight back which is less than a hundred pounds. That’s not to say your weight loss and regained isn’t large. I find that those of us who got over 300 pounds aren’t in the same weight loss/regain category as the rest of the general population. But I could be wrong. I never feel lonely, my wifey has been with me for 19 years, through the thick, thicker, fat and then a little less thick. So I’m very lucky in that regard. But I know what you mean, it does feel isolating to not have anyone in person or online that relates to this magnitude of weight issue. Thank you again.