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I think I’ll contact my doctor and check up on wether this changes in my face can be a side effect of testosterone treatment .
Something that really bothers me still, is the fluctuation from almost day to day basis. Feel as an indication that the body is out of balance in any way.

Sure, there is probably no direct health-bomb eating greasy/sweet food and drinking beer , but the body should surely be able to handle most of the nutrients I feed it without changing drastically and quickly? If you do not have a pronounced allergy that is. It has worked out fine before my weight fluctuation-journey . I have been able to ingest both sugar and alcohol without any significant change in my body composition.

I’m wondering too if it’s a bad move to struggle to build muscle in the gym right now , have read a lotabout the body wanting to ” repair ” itself after being on a low weight , and to rush it through training can bring started mechanisms by which the body ” fighting against” and not re- build muscle , but uses caloric surplus to store the fat reserves due to changing hormone levels after weight loss. But I also have a hard time believing my tiny little arm-muscles will re-appear if I dont stimulate them by training.

It’s easy to become paranoid and start playing “the little chemist ” with the body when it is changed in this way, I think . But it’s also hard to just ignore it, as I do not recognize the body that I have now, even though my weight is now almost “restored”.
Thanks for wise and kind words!
Best regards!