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Wow, Kari. I totally understand what you are saying, as it happened to me. I was so close to going to the ER; I just didn’t understand what was wrong with me. :( See, the same thing happens to me eating beef liver too. Maybe because it was raw? But I mean, I would freeze and cut them up into teeny-tiny pellets and eat a couple and start feeling things that very were similar to what I’d felt with the FCLO. Again, at this time, much like the with FCLO, I never thought it could be “beef liver” either as it’s known for being so healthy. :/ I may try a small piece again at some point, cooked.

Also, since posting this, I have had some cod liver oil. Nordic Naturals. It is what I used to get all the time and had no problems taking, but then I was informed of how ‘inferior’ it was to the GP FCLO and switched over, then got sick. The Nordic Naturals cod liver oil produces no negative effects for me.