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Steven e

Yeah, tampopo is truly great, though I could see some of it freaking some people out. I’ll totally check out his other movies. I’m not sure that ever occurred to me. I just tried to watch Dead Sushi, a goofy Japanese horror flick about vengeful sushi, but I didn’t even make it half way, and it didn’t leave me wanting sushi… I’ll bet there are some other good Japanese food movies out there though. Jiro Dreams of Sushi was actually pretty great to watch. I had forgotten about that one.

I’m recently pretty fascinated by asian pop culture, or media and music anyway. I ended up trying to watch some Japanese chick flick recently. There are these three women talking about whether they wash their bra everyday or not. One says she doesn’t because it’s not like she’s sweating a lot. The others do and one answers, “is your metabolism really that bad?” as she’s putting a potato chip in her mouth! I took screen shots. Maybe the importance of metabolism is more in the public mind elsewhere. I didn’t make it past that scene and went back to surfing for asian movies and Korean dramas.