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Another thought could be that your temp was being kept high before your meal because your adrenaline was pumping. Once you ate, it calmed down the stress response in your body, lowering your adrenaline, and lowering your temp. Ideally, when your metabolism heals, your adrenaline won’t go that high before meals, and your temp will be more stable all the time. So even though a high temp is good, if it’s high right before a meal, and then drops after a meal, it could mean that your adrenaline was pumping before you ate food. In that case, the high temp before the meal was sort of faking you out.

Also, how long after the meal are you taking your temp? If I eat a good meal, sometimes it takes 1/2 hour before my hands and feet warm up.

Or, it could be an allergic/intolerant type response to the food you ate- as mentioned above. If you can fix your metabolism, you might not have that response with those foods. But if you figure out what the allergy/intolerance is, you might want to leave that food out for a while, or just not eat as much of it, until you’re more healed. I agree @esb, it’s a bummer because then you’re back to restricted eating.

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