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Yes, the adrenaline/cortisol thing makes sense to me too – thanks for the comment @AnnaB. I remember one morning, I didn’t have much food in the house, and I had a pretty lousy breakfast (2 cups of coffee and 2 pieces of bacon). I waited 30 mins and took my temp. I assumed it was going to be in the 96s because I felt horrible (shaky, headache, anxious, etc.) I was floored when it read 98.1 (that is very high for me). I thought my thermometer was broken and I went and bought a new one, LOL!

– I take my temp a lot, I think it’s fun and fascinating too. My 2yo says “Mama take her temp-tur gain.”

The adrenaline explains a lot, but I still can’t help but think there is some sort of reaction/intolerance going on for me as well. But, I’m not willing to go down that path again. Although I don’t think food restriction is what damaged my metabolism, the past two years of GAPS/Paleo have been a living hell for me and my family.
Even with the thought of it right now, I feel anxiety coming on.

Even though I can’t can a significant rise in my temps from eating, my temp over-all is rising. When I started a few months ago, I couldn’t get a temp higher than the low 97s. This week, I had two reading in the low 98s and feel so much better!! So, I think I’ll take the slow and steady route and keep eating everything.

keep us posted on your progress – I’d love to hear if you your temps improve.

PS – Both times I’ve had a temp in the 98s – it was after an afternoon nap! Yay sleep :)