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Haha, thanks for the laugh. I suppose that strategy could actually be effective in helping people. At least I would get people to do as I say. Talking about health in a more intelligent manner might not interest most people enough. Still, I want to try it that way. Perhaps I can help people to get a better understanding of what determines their wellbeing. It’ll be a hobby. “Act but do not reflect on the fruit of the act” I would like that I think, at least for now.

I’m looking for specific advice on how to get people interested, and on how to handle those that contact me. I at least want to have some people to talk to, otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun, but I don’t wan’t to give false promises.

I’m most unsure about the website, and how to do that. For example, I’m not really interested in writing at the moment, and I wonder how much information I would need to put online at first so as to actually get some people to contact me. Just some background info, a large summary of my current views spread over 20-30 articles, or something in between?

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