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mighty m

“I want to be strong and energetic AND weigh 155, and have happy intestines.” — Mrs B

I identify with this wish, even though I wish I didn’t: I would also like to be strong and vital, and yet ALSO get all the subtle and overt social approval of being what people consider “thin.” I want to have my cake and eat it too, pun intended!

But, for me, it’s not to be, at least not in the short term and maybe never, which I’m coming around to be satisfied with and even happy about. My long-term goal instead is to be physically fit and vibrant at what I suspect is a naturally higher setpoint. (Same size as my mom was, at my age, and she had had three pretty excellent pregnancies and did hard farm work daily.)

I now think that trying to force weight off a person through restriction is like trying to make a tall person short, or trying to make a gay person straight.

Back to the topic: I felt like I couldn’t possibly eat as much as was advised here at first, but I kept at it and it developed its own momentum, but not in a scary binge way, rather just a rapid but natural increase in appetite. It was indeed gradual at first. It was about 1 month easing into it, and one-month *really* re-feeding when my appetite came back, and one month leveling off and tweaking (e.g., adding soft drinks). Just hit 98.6 basal (post-ov) this week!