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Thank you for your answers, OldMate, wordstospeak and mighty m. I guess I’ll stick with DR2.
mighty m, regarding the basal temps, I didn’t start taking them, though I can feel a change. Before the switch my hands and feet were cold, really very cold and difficult to warm up (in winter I had mornings when I woke up with the same cold feets I had in the evening, this was the worst I’ve had in the matter of cold feet).
About PCOS, it is a possibility, although the endocrinologist gave my sister another diagnose (she had very similar symptoms with mine, we lived in the same environment for many years; she was dieting too, and was subjected to a lot of stress, too, so her levels of cortizol sky-rocketed, she also had way too high levels of prolactine and testosteron – that’s all I remember from her medical results. And the suggested treatment, birthcontrol pills, was very disappointing to me, after all those tests and the money spent on that.) Anyway, PCOS wasn’t mentioned to her so there might be some chances for it not to be my case, either. In either situation, I just want to make the changes I need to make in order to stop hurting myself through diets and stress and other things, and then if the problems will still be there, I’ll ask the doctors help.