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Had my endoscopy yesterday. No real problems just about the same amount of irritation they always find. This is a big relief to me. I’ve had some bad reflux in the last month or two, especially after a round of antibiotics for strep. I’m just so against taking any long term meds at the moment that I didn’t want to be told that I had to or
else. As usual all of the people I had to talk to in the process of setting this thing up, from the nurse that makes the pre procedure phone call, to the anesthesiologist, all gasped in shock when I said I haven’t been on meds for four years. Obviously survival in the modern world isn’t possible unless you have a constant stream of your income flowing into pharmaceutical company coffers for the rest of your life.
Chronic recurring reflux is nothing to sneeze at. Some people do really need this medication or else. Like everything else though I think doctors are handing it out like candy to anyone with heartburn. It’s no surprise when they put out a commercial with the ” git-r-done” done dude telling you to shove what ever garbage down your throat that you want because we have a pill to cover up the consequences. And don’t worry about life long side effects, we got pills for that too.