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It can be a bit sticky. I’d cover it with a bandage or gauze or what have you to minimize the sticky factor.

Another inexpensive wound healer is the weed plantain (plantago major or plantago lanceolota). It grows pretty much everywhere. Google the Latin names and look at the images to learn to ID it, go pick some and infuse it in an oil (cover the plant material with oil in a glass container, place container in a pan of water or crock pot and let the water heat up to no more than a simmer, let infuse until oil is a deep green). You can then make a salve by mixing the oil with some beeswax, or just apply the oil. Alternatively, you can make a compress or poultice with it. For a compress, steep the leaves in boiling water for 20-30 minutes, soak a cloth in the liquid and place on the wound. For a poultice do the same, but put the leaves in the soaked cloth and apply to the wound. Cotton gauze, flannel, or a flour sack towel would be good for the poultice. Any of those or terry cloth would work for a compress. You can also buy dried plantain in the bulk herbs area of a health food store. Bulk herbs are generally not terribly expensive.