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@Jdubs I agree with you,for instance B12 is something you can’t get from fruits (or vegetables).
Apart from that,I also think it makes for a better acid/alkaline balance and just tastewise;)

What was did you find out in the backstory research? She’s probably a nice person,but she comes across as a bit of a Barbie doll-type girl to me.

Do you think,you can still eat as much fruits&sugars without getting fat when combined with animal proteins? Some studies suggest that sugar increases metabolic rate and the need for more daily calories without gaining weigth/getting fat by thermogenic effects. I wonder if those extra calories need to be sugars/carbs in order to keep the high metabolism without gaining or that more saturated fats also cause no fatgain?
Anybody any thougths or experience?

What’s the point of losing the weigth now anyway,if you’re gonna gain it again when pregnant.:)

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