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David, I think this is where it becomes somantics and maybe that’s where I am going wrong here. Protein itself may not be toxic like rat poison is toxic, but studies have shown that once you start consuming more than 30 percent of your calories in protein you start to build up toxic ketones in your system. This puts a burden on you system. It’s the same with fructose. Maybe it’s not toxic in and of itself but in large enough quantities( and I don’t know exactly what quantity that is) it creates toxins in the body and puts a burden on your liver. I may be wrong here but in my estimation the way to achieve the best health is to maximize your nutrient intake while minimizing the metabolic burden on your body. So eating tons of fruit or protein or any one thing for that matter puts a burden on your body thus reducing its healing capacity. If your liver is overloaded by metabolizing sugar and fat it may not be able to do as good of a job filtering out car exhaust or carpet fumes or chemicals from processed foods etc.
How much is too much fruit? Probably more than you or I would care to eat In a day. But start adding fruit juices and pop and candy and soda and weather you like it or not you are increasing your metabolic burden. I realize the purpose of Matt’s site is to not fear food and to dispell some common myths, like “sugar is pure evil” but common sense says too much of anything is bad.

On a final note, it seems like a lot of Fruitarians I have come across on the web are from Australia. I am surmising that a warmer climate and better access to a wider variety of fresh fruits helps them flourish a bit more. I don’t think their wonder diet however is suited to someone like me doing heavy construction in cold Pennsylvania winters.

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