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Fruit is high in carbs and sugar and you can sprinkle a little salt or sugar on it. Dates are a great source too and those are really quick. Potatoes are also high in carbs and get you pretty warm if you add some salt and they’re really tasty if you also add some butter. You could boil some before and then reheat them in the morning or make a hash and then reheat some in the morning if you don’t have time to do that.

Pancakes and french toast are really warming for me and you could make a big batch and then reheat them so they’re quick. Add a little bit of fruit for variety and maple syrup and you have a tasty breakfast!

Banana bread is great too and you could make a big batch of that and then have it throughout the week. I know those last few things are starchy so maybe not exactly what you were looking for.

As far as carbs per gram, I think Matt did a post on that a few days ago and he mentioned that while one food may be really high in carbs it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more warming (he used potatoes in the example i think, which are very warming but there are other foods that have a higher carb per gram ratio).