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My digestion is ok but I’ll try to add more sugar to my breakfast. Hopefully that will make me want to eat more earlier.

As for my daughter, that makes sense, giving her easy to digest sugars. She doesn’t like smoothies, probably because I put too much kefir or yogurt in them, so it makes sense to lay off the sour stuff and just do milk,fruit, coconut oil, and honey or maple syrup. Because this is a liquid would it be too “cooling”? I can barely get her to eat an egg in the morning! I’ve also tried having her take a teaspoon of sauerkraut juice, which is supposed to stimulate digestion, but she hates it.

When I say that grains are a trigger for her, it’s not that she has obvious digestive issues (or nothing that she will tell me about) it’s that her ADD symptoms just get out of control. She’s 13 and can’t stand still to talk to me; she sways around like a drunk person. She trips over things, breaks things, can’t concentrate on doing a task well, gets bored easily and annoys her sisters just to be a pest, and basically drives me and everyone in the house crazy. So we started doing full GAPS and her issues got a little better, but then her appetite started to wane A LOT and now even without grains her symptoms are bad. I haven’t taken her temperature but I probably should.