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mighty m

Wow, if the BBT’s you mention are considered strong & healthy, then I’m actually in the ballpark! Much more doable than getting to 98.6 upon opening my eyes, which is one interpretation of what Matt wrote in Diet Recovery 2. But 98.6 first thing just seemed a little high, because if you wake up already at 98.6, especially pre-ov, you’re gonna be burning up by a midday post-ov. PANCAKES, and plenty of them, will get me to 98.6 but not, ya know, just being alive in the morning. I am not a morning person, ha ha.

Congrats on getting into the higher 97’s this go-round! How do you know your thyroid was swollen? Does it feel uncomfortable in your neck, or did you notice it visually?

I’m much better off with all those metabolic signs than when I started “beasting it” (reference to that recent movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, a wonderful crab-gobbling scene). Digestion and insomnia were my most disruptive symptoms, and I’d say the digestion is basically strong so long as I don’t chug water or eat a lot of salad, and the insomnia is increasingly less common, so long as I’m careful to eat plenty all day (I even have a ritualistic nightcap snack) and not overexercise. Libido — mind is willing, flesh still a little weak, but at least I have some lube again! TMI. Energy is OK, but it’s still SO EASY to crash my temps for a day or two or have a sleepless night if I exercise even a little too much. I think that’s the next frontier … the capacity for robust exertion and just being able to be spontaneous physically.

Edit: I would add, I do have a problem with my temperature crashing around 10pm, back down to basal levels and getting a little cold, etc. I hadn’t been taking temps at night, but started doing recently to check in with progress. Maybe this is related to the insomnia … probably would’ve been much worse a couple months ago. I started my “nightcap snack” based on intuitive cravings, seems there might have been some biology behind it. BTW my snack is sourdough bread & butter & jam with salt, plus yogurt and honey. Dairy & gluten & sugar! How I once missed them! Cautiously experimenting with more liquid by adding a real childhood delight, chocolate milk. mmmmm

Thanks for responding with info! Cheering you on!!!

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