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@Linda- Sounds like a great plan. One caveat: The strength training, while very important, won’t have much immediate effect on your belly fat. Cardio burns far more fat in the short term. Keep us posted on your progress!

@Cindy- I wouldn’t be surprised if your blood sugar issues improve as you continue to exercise. Many studies have shown that exercise improves insulin resistance, and IR is also promoted by visceral fat, which cardio is very effective at burning.

Just like you, I find it much easier to limit fat than carbs, though after a while I do start to crave it. I’ve tried keeping my fat intake very low, but I usually come back to the cheese after a couple weeks. In my opinion, it’s all about preference. Some people find it easier to lose weight on a low-fat diet, and some people prefer a more mixed diet. The most important thing is creating a moderate calorie deficit, which allows weight loss while still nourishing the body.

I also feel that the choice between starch and sugar is a matter of personal preference. I’ve tried limiting both of them, but whichever one it is, I start to miss it after a while. I’ve determined that I enjoy my food more when I have both. As an example, my typical lunch is a turkey and cheese sandwich with a can of Dr. Pepper. I get some protein, some fat, some starch, and some sugar (and some salt). It’s only about 500 calories total, but it satisfies me because I get a taste of all the foods I like best.