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Sounds like you are going through a lot right now.

It seems to me like your digestion is very much compromised right now. I think that your body is reacting to pretty much any food you throw down the hatch. At least you have your low-carb lifestyle as a base to fall back on when all else fails.

But it is only a temporary place for relief. In the long term, getting off the low-carb diet is probably for the best. Once you are healed, you will be able to tolerate all foods again. The transition will be the hard part though.

My advice would be to stick to foods that are very easily digested, and that have the highest benefit/drawback ratio for healing.

These foods include good meats and fats (eggs, liver, shellfish, lamb, etc). I am guessing you can handle these, and are eating them now without too much of a problem? The body is very well equipped to digest these foods, but without a source of carbs it will be damaging in the long term.

Next up is fruit/fruit juices. You mentioned having trouble reaching 300-400g of carbs. I think first it is important to find a carb source that works for you, before worrying about hitting a certain number. I am looking at a 1.75 Liter carton of orange juice right now. It costs around 4 dollars, and has around 800 calories in it, if you finish the whole thing. Based on your digestion, I would advise getting the pulp free version. Beware, not all fruits are created equal.

Your best bet would be to stay away from starches. I think that they are damaging to you in your impaired state. One very easy test (which may or may not work) is to check to see how the back of your throat looks after eating a certain food. After eating starches, it might get slightly red and inflamed. It should be perfectly pink and smooth. I have noticed some of these things myself in the past. Basically anywhere you can find inflammation on your body is your go to place to check how you react to foods.

I would also advise to stay away from dairy. It is a very nutritious food, but if you can’t handle it, it will be detrimental.


Some extra things that you could do to help heal more quickly would be:
1) to add vinegar, lemon, lime to your diet in some aspect
2) to find a source of gelatin you like and eat it liberally (I visit the local asian store for beef tendons)
3) to eat raw carrots (I like to grate the carrot and put vinegar and salt on it)

BTW it is also possible, if you use coconut oil, that you will find that refined works better for you than extra virgin, if you decide to test that out.


I am not saying you can never have starches or dairy or other things ever again, but that they are probably hurting more than helping you right now. I really don’t think it is possible that you will have problems with the orange juice – I have only met one person in my life who is allergic to fruits. So I wish you the best of luck in recovery.

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