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Yes I am a musician. Or at least I like to pretend to be.

As far as being scared of starch, one has to be very careful when looking at studies involving starch because

1) There are many types of starch (legumes, tubers, grains) etc
2) The way in which they are cooked and eaten changes how harmful they might be

I have looked into this in a very limited manner myself, and it seems like potatoes/tubers are in a completely different class of food than other ‘starches’.

The one idea that gets thrown around the most as far as himalayan salt goes is the high levels of iron and heavy metals it contains. That may be giving you the negative reactions. I’m currently in the middle of testing between canning salt and ‘real salt’ (brand name). What kind of negative reactions are you seeing?

It doesn’t make sense to me that a healthier body would actively seek to be irritated by previously tolerated foods. But your scenario could be possible if it were caused by some sort of ‘overload’ (iron for example).


Here’s the part of the post where I start guessing.

As far as sugar vs starch , and not knowing what to eat: It actually seems to me like your digestion is weaker now (trouble digesting pizza?). I think it would be best to focus on eating clean, good foods in high volumes until your body is healed.

A healthy body should have no problems digesting any foods that are given to it.

Once healthy, figuring out what to eat won’t matter as much, since everything you eat will make you feel better (within reason).

Just focus on calories, carbs, salt, clean foods. A great post to read over and read the comments on is the ‘eating disorder recovery update’ post on this site.

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